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Walk with Friends
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 Coaching and Mentoring

You have 2 options in the next 12 months.

Option 1

You stay as you are—the same habits, doing the same things as you did in 2023.

Perhaps in 2023, you wanted to step further towards goals, in business or your personal life, to spend time with your family or to invest in a relationship. How would this feel at the end of 2024 if you find yourself continuing as you did in 2023?  Do you see yourself making the changes you want?

Take some time to see how it feels. What emotions come up? How does it feel in the body? What thoughts come up in your head?

Write these down.


Option 2

Now, imagine you do move forward. You may have spent time working towards you goals with someone who holds you to account - someone who you can bounce ideas off, and who will challenge you to do something each day to do  for your goals to change your life. 

Put yourself into the position of being at the end of 2024, and you have actually moved forward.

How does it feel different? Again, write down the emotions, the sensations in the body, and what thoughts come up in your head.


Which life do you want?

If you are on this site you  probably  want option 2 - Mentors or coaches will help you to get to option 2

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How do I work


I have worked with companies large and small, from start ups to companies looking to pass the company to the next generation, or to re-energizer the company to go forward. 

I work with the assumption that you know more about your company than anyone else, but the company needs to work for you - not the other way around.

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Some examples of how I work

People always ask me - how do I help people, and how can I change things for them? So here are a few examples of how I have done that.

How I work

Make it simple

Story of AW

Understand your role

Story of Sammy

Define your limits

The art of Delegation


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What is on the Horizon?

What our clients think of us?

Client feedback is always important to me, it is the way I understand myself.  At the end of each series of meetings I will ask for feed back, good bad or ugly, feedback helps me to understand how things are going.


Guy Bulmer

Andrew assessed my position and then coached and encouraged me to review the business structure as it was and then showed me how to plan a system where I could delegate the daily tasks that I was doing to better placed people.

This allowed me to free up time and start looking to move the business forward in the direction I wanted to take it.

He was always clear and concise with his advice. I looked forward to our meetings each week, which always concluded with me feeling buoyed and enthusiastic for the coming challenges.


I will be keeping in touch with him as I progress to help me address the questions I will no doubt have along the way.



I am so grateful for the mentoring I had with Andrew Munnings. Andrew worked with me remotely (which was a real help), listened to how I wanted to scale the businesses, asked the right questions, made me look at my business growth from a different perspective and was always on hand with guidance and wisdom. 


Andrew is easy to talk to and uses his wealth of knowledge to assist. From recruiting new team members and looking at different tech processes to goal setting and handling tricky work situations, we covered it all during the 12-week programme. 


I would highly recommend Andrew. Thank you.


Please find a selection of Partners who I work with. 

Sky Blue

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Association of Business Mentoring

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Change Consulting

Change Consulting

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1 Rookery House, Grove Farm

01252 900421

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