Frequently Asked Questions


These are a collection of a few of the most common questions I get.

 01  Will a coach tell me what to do?

In short - No - It is quite simple you are the expert in your business.  Generally a coach will ask you more questions than you have at the moment. As you answer my questions - you learn the answer to your questions.

That does not mean that you do not need guidance and support - but a coach will do this by introducing you to questions, and helping you with some techniques.  What you choose to do will improve the performance of your business, and having talked through the options and plan with the coach - you can move forward with confidence.




 02  What is coaching?

Coaching is about listening, listening to you and ordering your thoughts.  Once we have that, we can build on skills like confidence and presence in your world. 


Coaching has been described as an additional boost to your thinking.  Allowing you to step back and look at your business in a safe and relevant way.  The output of this is for you to take forward.




 03  What if i disagree with my coach?

The coach is probably wrong.  The coach should not give you ideas, so the only ideas you discuss are your own ideas.  

If you do not agree with yourself that is a different problem, and one you really need to bring up - as what you are saying is that you don't know how to present what you want - instead of what someone else is telling you.


 04  What if it doesn't work?

It is unlikely that you will get zero benefit from coaching, however we do recognize that there are times that for what ever reason you do not feel comfortable with your coach.  

In this case we offer 2 options, we can change the coach or we can refund any unused sessions within 5 working days. 

 05  How long does coaching take?

Most clients feel better after the first session, most companies  start to feel the benefits in the first 3 to 4 sessions, as the individual starts to put in place what is needed to start to grow, how many sessions you need is up to you, but I would normally recommend that we start with a deep dive session, followed by shorter tuning sessions, to help track your progress.  The number of sessions is up to you, and can be reviewed regularly.