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Andrew Munnings

Founder & Co-Director


Andrew has had a life of change, and challenge.  Before becoming a coach, I have done roles including growing and managing teams, emergency management, interim management and project, program and operations management.

I have lived life from massive highs to lows, I have been on the top, and explored the bottom of life.  It has taught me that there are 2 really important things in life.

Know who you are, Know what you want

When I follow these I get what I want, when I don’t I get pushed to the bottom, as I don’t believe in what I am doing, and it shows. 

Andrew will challenge you to really think about this, who are you and are you actually the person you say you are? What are your values and drivers? What is it that makes you the way you are?  These questions define you - not the public person we present to each other, but the person you are when you are sitting alone late at night before bed, wondering what it is all about.

My goal is to help you to define yourself, your company or team - what are your core values. Are you meeting these, consistently and at the standard you want to?  Once we understand you and where you currently are, we can move to where you want to be.  

After that, we can plan the middle bit, and track it every month, or until it is complete.  The results - you stay on track to the plan - or you choose to change the plan, but the slow drift off track is controlled.  You are challenged to meet your goals, and can show your progress from month to month.  At the end of the year, you can see your development, and show your progress.

T: +44  (0)1252 900 421

Additional Coaches



Being part of the New Level results Group, means that I can call on a large number of experienced and highly qualified coaches, that are able to support projects of any size.  

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