• Andrew Munnings

Are your goals loosing you staff?

A job is defined as a series of tasks that we perform in order to make a living - but that is not why we go to work? Work and career is far more than a series of tasks.

In the current climate staff at all levels are looking for what they want in a role, as a position. Managers need to understand this and respond. The workplace has changed, the reason people work for you has changed. The easiest way to respond is by setting up clear new goals, most of us are used to doing this every year, but how many have done them since the start of 2020 - 2022 is 6 months away.

It is where you can see that managers that staff want to stick with, and managers who staff work for. So if you want to keep your staff I have a question - why are you sticking to the job you are in? What is the goal, reason or reward that you want to get to? That is probably the same reason that your staff will stick with you - but you have to make it relevant to them. They will not get the same rewards as you - and the goals you have will probably be higher than theirs, but you have to set a statement - for what they can expect if they stay - and stick to it.

To understand how to set your plan, let me know.

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