• Andrew Munnings

Congratulations - you are getting the results you think.

I have been challenged this week by several people who have asked me - what I am thinking. Not real thinking about great things, but in that quiet time when nothing else is happening - when it is just you and your little voice.

That is the important moment - your little voice is with you almost always, and has the most impact on your outcome of all things in your life. If your little voice is giving you a positive thoughts, then this is the result you are heading for. Most of us though, the little voice is the problem, it is full of self doubt, hesitancy and reasons why we will fail.

It is important that we do not try to silence our little voice, however it is also important that we understand that we can train it.

This week we have seen the failure at Facebook, no doubt the enquiries as to what happened are in full swing. But there are 2 starting points for managers in such an event.

  1. Who made the mistake - and there for who do we blame ie: fire

  2. What happened, and what did we learn from this?

The first organisation will repeat the mistake, the second organisation may still sack the guy, if needed, but by starting with a learning attitude, you have a chance to update procedures, and prevent this from happening again.

If your little voice is telling you that you can’t or are not able - ask it why? Or better still what is needed to allow you to do it? If you are struggling with this, I can help to talk you through how to do it, and if you think someone else need to talk it through with me, let them know - we all need to look out for each other.

One thing I can tell you is that whatever that little voice is telling you - that is what you are going to end up with.

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