• Andrew Munnings

How does coaching work?

The problem of coming form a process engineering background, is that I need to rationalize this into a process.

So here it goes.

The first thing for a coach to do is to Stabilize you - during this phase you will probably have quite a lot of apprehension, about the job, about the coach, and about yourself.

The second phase is to strengthen you, you have done well in life, review your achievements and make it clear that you are successful - deepen the understanding of who you are. During this part of the process, you actually acknowledge that you are not in a position of no hope.

The next 3 phases are the phase that people need to take care of. What needs to change? In this phase we look at what are the behaviors you need to fix, change or let go of. The goal of this phase is to create self awareness, from this you can watch out for these behaviors, and when you see them, address them correctly, eventually on your own. At no point should a session end at the bottom of the what needs to change phase, this feels a very negative process, however the reinforcement and empowerment phases are the 2 phases where you will see the real change, and are thus extremely positive. The risk for a coach is that you take too much into the what needs to change phase, and you do not get to the self awareness phase, and as such you don’t get to build the client.

My question to you is - are you stable? What bad habits do you need to work on? Can I help you with these? My role is not to tell you what to do, my job is to workout your bad habits, and to build your confidence, empowering you to lead your business.

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