• Andrew Munnings

How to build a set of goals for yourself for 2022?

What would you like to set for your plans in 2022? What are your goals for your business? How are you going to get there? These are the questions I ask my clients.

Step 1. Set the goal - what would a perfect 2022 look like

(if you went full dream mode for successful working)

Step 2. Where are you now? No honestly, where are you now, this is the starting point. Is that really where you are? Or is it more positive than that?

Step 3. What is it that makes you you? What is important to you? How do others see you? Why would someone want to work for or with you? This makes your business better than anyone else - it is what make your business, division or department a place people want to work for and with.

Step 4. Make a plan.

The facts of step 2 + the power of Step 3 should give you the gap to Step 1, and once you know what the gap is, you can break it down to small steps to get to the top.

Keep the plan simple, and keep the steps small, if you only do one or 2 things towards your plan each month, you will get closer each month to what you want.

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