• Andrew Munnings

Is there a recruitment problem, or a staff retention problem?

One of the things about this type of work is that you talk to a lot of companies, and a lot of employees. On thing in the last few weeks that has become clear is that the number of people changing jobs is high, however it is also clear to me that the number of companies that are growing are less impacted that the number of companies that are turning over staff.

Staff turnover is a natural part of any company, however the flip side of it is, that the rate of turnover is directly related to the size of your recruitment problem. When people leave your company, they take your reputation with them, as soon as you reduce the staff turn over you fix the recruitment problem, as you are then only hiring people to grow, not to remain stable. Each current vacancy that is not filled means that the amount of work done, is reduced, and so is the size of the company.

So how do you turn around a company staff turnover?

I have found for a lot of people it is not that complicated, people need to know why they are working for you - what is the benefit, what is the goal, what is the reason to be their. By goals, we are not looking for corporate speak values, but something that is real and tangible for them, and something that managers live by.

By focusing on realistic goals, that people can agree to, and management live to, and are able to be held accountable by the staff, staff will see why they are valued, and retention will improve, as will the attractiveness of the department.

If you want to learn how to boost your staff retention, book a half day session with me to look into what can be done quickly and easily.

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