• Andrew Munnings

Its National Mentoring Day!!!

It's national Mentoring day this week. A lot of coaching when a client gets stuck slips into a bit of my life experience to ask you to think about how to with an example from archives of my own considerable disasters and personal issues.

The thing with both coaching and coach based mentoring, is that we are trying to work on your personal feelings and attitude. We all go through life with an energy, this energy attracts to us what we are looking for - and shows in our results.

Bob Proctor way back when defined mentoring as focusing on 3 Results. Your Happiness, your Health and your Wealth - interestingly he also said that these are not to be judged by the amount but by the amount you needed for the lifestyle you wanted. If you can define these then you will achieve what you want.

This is very much how I like to define your personal goals, if slightly over simplified. What are the results you are currently getting in your personal life in the context of Happiness, Health and Wealth - are they above or below what you want, and what are you doing to improve them? Obviously people get sick, with major life changing illness, and a positive mental attitude will help, but not as well a quality medicine, but I recognize that this has some limitations. The Real healthy we are looking at here is your lifestyle - are you living a lifestyle that allows you to grow your health - or restricts you health? What changes do you need to make, and are you prepared to do so?

The same with your Happiness - what makes you happy? What level of happiness do you currently receive? What level of happiness do you want, and what changes do you need to make?

With wealth he the idea is the same. A lot of people will tell you that is you earn a minimum wage, you can only get a minimum wage type jobs, but it is not true. Sure you are starting there - but your attitude will qualify you for greater roles.

So how does coaching and Mentoring work on this? Quite simply we move the mindset, from what you can’t do to what you can do, as we focus on that, your self esteem and confidence grows. If we can get rid of the thoughts that you have as to what you can’t do, and instead focus on what you can do, then we will grow your mindset into something that you can take forward and build into your growth agenda.

Start to think not about what limits you but what opportunities are available to you, and focus on the 3 measures of you success - Happiness, Health and Wealth - not on the maximum amount but on the amount you want, and remember it will change over time.


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