My coaching program

What can you expect in my coaching program

So how do my coaching programs work? Quite simply we start by setting your goal - to do this we as a simple question - If we were sitting here in 12 months time - and you turned to me and said “Man - that was a Great year - the best year of my life” - What would have changed?

This can be for you as an individual, or as part of a team - or even a company or other board. We then word this in the present tense and set is as a single statement of fact.

“We are the best place to work” or “I am the best sales person on the cosmetics counter”

It needs to be “Real” - so I won the lotto - is not going to cut it…
It needs to be “Achievable” - “I am a confident in my role”
It needs to be “Relevant” - “We are going to increase sales by X” is only possible if you are in a sales department

Once we have you goal - we look at what you currently are doing, and what is blocking you. This can be quite difficult, and uncomfortable feeling - it is supposed to be - I want to know what is blocking you from getting what you want. We then turn this around - to become something that becomes a mantra for you to say each and every day.


“I am not really able to do this job, as I have a lot of things to learn which I don't understand and I am not very good at.”


“I have confidence in myself, I would not be in this role if I was not good at delivering the results expected.”

This will give you a plan on a single page - for the whole year.

We then set a group of focus goals for each and every month - and then meet each month to provide a check point and guidance to keep you on track and focused on the goal.

This meeting each month checks progress, it allows us to tweak and build you each month, and maintain your focus.

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