• Andrew Munnings

Setting strategic goals or targets for 2022? Don’t start with the goal, start with the why and the

I want to go to the gym 3 times a week will never work as a goal, even though it may be a SMART goal as written in so many other guides. It has no reward, or reason for you to do it.

Much better is to start with what are your values - what makes you feel like you - what makes you feel uncomfortable, and what make you feel like you are achieving something of value.

Start your goal with what you want i

t to be - this is for department or company goals as much as for your own goals.

Then re write it to start with “I am…” or “We are…”

Then live to that.

“So I am going to go to the gym….” needs to become “I am able to keep up with my Grand kids, and going to the gym will help me to achieve this.”

That way when you don’t go to the gym, the questions are not ``I missed the gym”, but more, “Do I really want to keep up with the Grand kids?”

If keeping up with the grand kids is what motivates you.

In the same way - “We want to double our sale volume in 2022” - my question is why?

Re writing it to “We aim to double sales by providing the first choice for clients, so that they use us for repeat business, by providing them with the most knowledgeable and highest quality business.”

With both these re wordings, the goal is to create a cause or theme for the year. We are not chasing the sales target, we are setting the the goal to “provide a knowledgeable service” or “Keep up with the Grandchildren”.

If you have a goal then it is something that you can balance, I am not able to make the gym, so I am also going to have to skip that bit of cake.

Did you provide the knowledgeable service to the client? Do you have the knowledge, what are you doing to get it? - so the goal becomes how do I improve myself so my service to the client improves.

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