• Andrew Munnings

Unclutter your mind

The Mind is a wonderful tool - full of crazy things, but modern life likes to overload it. We are so connected, we have so much happening we never take time to really let our mind breath. We are more likely to rest a leg if we go to the gym and overwork it, but not take the time to rest our mind.

I love talking to people about when they need to rest their mind. The mind gets overstimulated - and rather than doing something to rest it - we try to get it to do more.

I went through redundancy, divorce and moved country in about 6 weeks. I was so stressed out that I was no longer functioning. I stopped doing the things that relaxed me, I stopped doing stuff that gave me thinking space - it didn’t work - I stopped functioning. I was no longer deciding - I was running on feelings. Rather than looking for the opportunity - I could only feel the problem - I felt rather than understood what was happening, I tried to do more faster.

It didn’t work, but I did move back in with family, and that did help - family cut out a lot of the stress from doing things that I did not need to do. Shopping, cooking, they challenged me to do different things - walk the dog, things that don’t need me to think, just do.

The easiest way to do this is to simply stop and do nothing for a few hours. Disconnect from electronic equipment and do nothing. When I was at my bottom I did this by listening to music or by walking. It allowed me to do nothing and to allow my brain to stop for just a few seconds. Eventually I stopped seeing the world as things that I could not do, but started to think about what I could do - I could cook dinner, I could make a cake, I could try new things. As this became my leading driver - I could go back to work and I could make a difference in people's lives.

This has very much become the philosophy of my life. What can you do about a problem? How could you do that differently?

This means that turning questions around is a tool that I found really useful.

My team doesn't like me - become a question - what do you team expect from you?

I don’t know what to do - becomes - what needs to be accomplished?

(Not how - but what or why?)

Moving the focus from the problem to the solution at least as a starting point, starts to get people to the solution. Once you have that - working out how to do it becomes a lot simpler.

If you ever feel like you are running from problem to problem, or cannot see an exit - stop and go for a walk - or anything else that you do nothing in - and let your mind wonder. In this wondering mind people will find the perspective to overcome problems, if you need me to help you let me know.

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