• Andrew Munnings

What does good look like, and are you getting it in your life?

What is at the end of your tunnel?

A question I find myself asking my clients - What does Good look like to you, and then what would Great look like?

You see if you ask people what they need to achieve they will give you a number, but it doesn't measure personal satisfaction. So what about you - what does good feel like, and what would it take to get to great?

Good and Great are feelings, Goals and targets are specific - you might hit all of your goals, and not be satisfied with how things in your job or wider life are going.

So my question to you is, what would be a good year, what would be a great year, are you on track to have a Great 2021, and what do you need to change now to have a Great 2022? If you want someone to help you work out a plan for a Good or even better a Great year, lets talk, greatness starts when you do, so no, I am not gonna talk about next year as being too early.

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