Our services are about you.

All of our services are about you, and are fully confidential. As such anything you say in a session, within the bounds of our confidentiality agreement, are only between you and your coach.  We do not share notes with identifiable information with anyone.

Confidentiality Policy

In short the conversation with the coach is fully confidential, and is never shared, except for the following 3 reasons:

  • Your coach feels you are or may be at risk

  • Your coach feels you are or may present a risk to others

  • You are or may be engaged in a criminal act

All of our coaches are under supervision, as part of our internal quality controls.  As part of this specific problems, or presentation of specific problems may be discussed, but from the stand point of - My client raise an issue like, how should I deal with it. The client name and information is never shared, and the supervisor is additionally covered by the confidentiality policy.

Global Director, Film & Specialist Factual, Media Company 

Andrew guided me through the process of department structuring impeccably. He made me understand the pain points and potential pitfalls without me even realizing. He would intrinsically ask me questions which guided my thought process in a direction that I could not have achieved of my own accord.


MD UK Construction Parts Company

I thought we were doing something wrong , but realized we were doing it right I just needed to keep doing it more with confidence, I learnt more about myself and my management style

Path in a field_edited.jpeg

Senior Vice President , Commercial, Middle Eastern Airport Group

Andrew guided me to a more succinct elevator pitch which I now have to refine and learn so I feel comfortable using it.  Andrew made me think but still in a safe and “comfortable” setting

Tunnel end1_edited.jpeg