Transforming the individual, Growing Companies 

All of my services start with you.  Where are you currently - where do you want to be, and how to get there.

Typically I find clients arrive with feelings of being overwhelmed or confused, this leads to them being unfocused, stressed and intimidated by real life. 

By working with them, we go through all of the things that are causing them stress, work out the priority, and then address the issues one by one, as we continue we then move into goals and future focus.  

The aim is to bring clarity to the individual, and this will allow the individual to grow in leadership, and provide clear direction to teams, and groups going forward. 

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Business Consultancy


Why does your company exist?  What is the goal of your company?  What is the reason your clients would use you?  Why would staff want to work for you?  Simple questions that are key to your company growing.  Something that we can help you to develop further.  

During times of change, companies need to understand that the values they hold close are what will drive them forward.  When faced with change, these need to be held close to the decision making process to build and develop company strategy.  

All companies have to make tough decisions, and it is always stressful, however sometime you just need time to think and talk the ides through. 

Business Strategy 


Do you know what you are doing? How do your staff see you?  What is it that you deliver?  How do people see you?

Are you happy with that?

You have you role, because you can do it, it might be tough and take some time to get sorted out - but you will get your next job because of the more that you bring.

What is the more than the function that make you the leader that your next role needs.

Business Development 


Business is all about managing risk, however so often we have so much going on we just never get a chance to think our self about what we need to do. 

Time with a coach will help to give you quality thinking time, lead and bounced by you around with an expert, that takes the time to just ask you why, or to help you to articulate the question to go forward, to find the right answers.

This makes your thinking time more powerful, as it is focused by the coach on the specific problem.

Video Tutorials 
The new level results program


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